Friday, October 10, 2008

3 Pillars of Prosperity for America

Our nation’s future prosperity is in jeopardy. The media is standing by commenting on America’s downfall like they are watching a boxing match with the reining champion being battered into oblivion. Many leading media personalities actually seem excited by the possibilities of mass bank failures, devastating job eliminations, and the loss of key industries such as our automotive industry.

We cannot let this happen. Our people must act to ensure that we provide abundant opportunities for our children and our people’s future. Unlike our great leaders of the past such as Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, and Kennedy, our current elected officials have not shown the leadership, charisma, and confidence expected of them in times of a national crisis such as the one we are facing now.

It’s time to take the government back from the special interests on the left and right and return the responsibility to the citizens that love this country for what it stands for, freedom and equal opportunity for all.

In our nation’s history in times of crisis old structures have been cast aside and new ones have emerged that moved our country firmly forward. The current structure made up of the Democratic and Republican Parties have long passed their prime and are mired in paralytic rhetoric. It’s time for a paradigm shift, a new structure, the Responsible Citizen’s Party.

The platform of the Responsible Citizen’s Party is simple, put the money in the pockets of the American People. This is accomplished by lowering taxes for low and middle-income Americans and providing tax credits for upper-income Americans and corporations who directly invest in our country’s future.

Sorry, no breaks for short sellers, US asset auctioneers, or derivative traders.

The success plan for America’s future begins with the 3 Pillars of Prosperity for America outlined below.

3 Pillars of Prosperity for America

· Make America energy independent by accelerating the development of alternative energy sources utilizing nuclear, solar, wind, geo-thermal, hydro, tidal, bio-fuels, natural gas, and fuel cell technologies. T. Boone Picken's Plan is the best, most comprehensive, plan currently developed. For details see

· Refocus our automotive and commercial vehicle industries to become world leaders in electric vehicle technologies, high mileage diesel, and natural gas.

· Bring our infrastructure up to the 21st-Century by rebuilding our crumbling bridges and highways, increasing the high speed rail footprint between major metropolitan areas as well as light rail within urban regions, and upgrading our electrical and communications grids to facilitate delivery of energy and information.

The 3 Pillars of Prosperity for America would be a national initiative providing low-interest loans, grants, and federal assistance to corporations, entrepreneurs, and organizations that make, build, develop, or buy products and services within the United States.

The job of building a prosperous America is everyone’s responsibility. It’s time for our nation’s corporations to rebuild the trust of the American people by demonstrating integrity, corporate responsibility and civic commitment. Tax credits could be issued to companies that demonstrate a tangible and measurable commitment to America by providing capital, labor, and resources to improve the communities in which they operate within the United States.

Put America to work and ensure a strong future for our nation’s children.

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David Mullings said...

Your plan is sound.

I however found your comment on Robert Reich's blog ironic: "I for one do not want my country owned and operated primarily by foreign interests who will strip our resources and send all that is valuable back home to their own country."

That is exactly what America and European countries have done to countries like mine, Jamaica, to Latin America and Africa, in order to get rich.

And it is still happening today.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander and so if the USA should allow that to happen, Americans shouldn't allow it to happen to other countries.